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R2:2013 Responsible Recycling, RIOS, e-Stewards Certification

R2:2013 Responsible Recycling, RIOS, e-Stewards Certification

Quality Resource Center offers R2:2013 and RIOS Responsible Recycling Implementation services.

Quality Resource Center – Experience the Difference

  • Quality Resource Center’s Implementation Program has assisted more than 1000 organizations to implement ISO quality systems since 1993.
  • Minimum Disruption of Your Present Operation. Our ISO R2:2013 Consultants recognize that you must continue to run your company at the same time you are setting up the R2:2013 quality system and our time tested approach makes this possible.
  • Our Record of 100% First-Time Certification All companies using QRC’s R2:2013

Consultants and our full-service implementation program have received certification following their first audit by a Registrar.

Quality Resource Center offers R2:2013 implementation services, including –

  • A complete front end analysis of your facility
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Systems
  • Re-use, Recover, and Disposal Strategies
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety, and data security legal requirements
  •  Best Practices to assure protect worker protection as well  as the public’s health and safety
  • Effective management of downstream focus materials in the supply chain.
  • Meeting the requirement to repair and maintain reusable equipment and components.
  •  Establishment of a compliant data tracking and data destruction process that meets the R2:2013 requirements.
  • Setting up the documentation systems necessary to demonstrate conformance to the R2:2013 Standard.

From consultation and service on specific areas, training, to a complete turnkey system, Quality Resource Center is unmatched in terms of our R2:2013 capabilities.

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Companies generally report that Quality Resource Center’s quoted cost is significantly less than it would cost them to do the work themselves.


About R2:2013 and RIOS Responsible Recycling

The R2:2013 Standard is fully consistent with the requirements of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal (“Basel Convention” or “Convention”). In many areas, R2:2013 requires practices that exceed current international legal requirements with respect to exports of used electronic equipment for materials recovery or reuse.

  1. Legal requirements governing the classification, collection and management of used equipment and e-waste are evolving in many countries as well as the global level under a multitude of international agreements, including the Basel Convention.
  2. R2:2013 requires recyclers to design, develop, and maintain a legal compliance process that ensure full compliance with all applicable environmental, health, safety, and data security requirements.
  3. An R2:2013 electronics recycler must establish and operate in compliance with an Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System (“EHSMS”) that is certified to an accredited management system standard, such as RIOS or a combination of both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  4. R2:2013 requires that recyclers positively identify, document, and record the legal compliance of all international shipments of end-of-life (“EOL”) and untested equipment containing Focus Materials. EOL equipment containing Focus Materials would be equipment that would be at risk of qualifying as hazardous wastes under the laws of some countries.

These requirements, when taken as a whole, ensure that R2:2013 certified recyclers possess the information and management systems infrastructure to ensure that used equipment is managed compliance with applicable local, national and international legal, regulatory, and/or statutory requirements.