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Automotive Electronics Council AEC Q100 and AEC Q101

Automotive Electronics Council AEC Q100 and AEC Q101

The Automotive Electronics Council is an organization based in the USA that sets qualification standards for the supply of components in the automotive electronics industry.

The idea of creating the AEC occurred at a JEDEC meeting in the summer of 1992.  The idea of common qualification specifications was mentioned as a possible way to improve this situation.  At a subsequent JEDEC meetings, it was determined that the idea of common qualification specifications was viable and work began on Q100 (Stress Test Qualification for Integrated Circuits) shortly thereafter. During the development of Q100, primary IC suppliers had an opportunity to comment on the document. The initial release of CDF-AEC Q100 (now shortened to AEC Q100) was presented to all of our IC suppliers at a meeting in Denver on June 1994. This document represented the preferred qualification document for Chrysler, Delco Electronics, and Ford. It encouraged the exchange of qualification data and stated that if a part was qualified to this document it was qualified for all three companies.

Following this initial start, qualification specifications for other part categories were developed:

AEC-Q100 is for integrated circuits.

AEC -Q101 for discrete parts and AEC-Q200 for passive parts. As an outgrowth of these activities, the AEC hosts an annual Reliability Workshop. At the 1995 Workshop in Indianapolis, the following photo of the AEC founders was taken.

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